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Bird's Eye View Darshan Possible!

by kamalasan das

Posted July 12, 2006

Anyone feeling the pangs of separation from Sri Vrindaban Dhaam?

Maby you've never been there...and would like to see Sri Govardhan Hill for the first time?

Thanks to "Google" anyone with a computer and a good internet connection can do it.

Google offers free software named "Google Earth" enabling you to access a hudge data base of satellite photos that stream seamlessly into a bird's eye like pan-view of Earth's surface... including many (not all) high deffinition views of towns, cities, etc...

The free software is available for down-load at:

At that web-site... you click-on: *Get Google Earth* (free version)

It takes a few minutes to get used to the various controll functions. The controlls are very do not need to read any instructions to get the basics. It is alot of fun to search-out the various Temples world-wide you may have lived at or visited... remembering the Dieties and devotees there. You can do a "virtual" Govardhan parikram! I can clearly see the houses of some of my friends who live there.

Although Chattikara Village is very clear... unfortunately... the data drops out just at the edge of Vrindaban town...same for Mathura, ISKCON Mayapur and a few other places we would like to see. Maby later on those locations will become viewable? I hope so!

There are a few methods to find a location. If you like... I am including a list of locations coordinates you can use to get going. Again... you do not have to use numeric lat/long coordinates to search! There are a many other ways to "look-arround" here and there.

I am pretty sure that you can copy& paste these directly from this CHAKRA web-page onto a "WordPad" page...keep that open on your computer's desktop... open "Google Earth" then cut from that WordPad any set of the numeric coordinates and paste into the search command area... click on the "search" command... and you're there! If you use these numeric lat/long coordinates ... copy&paste only the 18 letter lat./long. - *don't include the location's name*)

Braj Mandal

Govardhan, Haridev Mandir 27 29 48.28 N 77 27 51.42 E

Radha/Shyam kund 27 31 30.03 N 77 29 30.03 E

New Delhi

ISKCON New Delhi 28 33 21.69 N 77 15 13.36 E

Lotus Temple 28 33 12.13 N 77 15 31.23 E

New Delhi intntnl. Airport 28 33 29.59 N 77 05 11.39 E

Connaught circle 28 37 58.38 N 77 13 10.14 E

Yantar Mantar 28 37 38.82 N 77 12 59.44 E


Birla Planetorium 22 32 44.05 N 88 20 50.69 E


Navadwip boat ghat...... 23 24 31.76 N 88 22 36.05 E

Porimaatala................ 23 24 37.66 N 88 22 13.13 E

Sridhar Swami Mandir.. 23 23 25.95 N 88 21 44.77 E

South India

Gokarn ....................... 14 32 36.70 N 74 18 59.86 E

Udupi Krsna Mandir...... 13 20 28.33 N 74 45 07.26 E

Manipal, Venu-Krsna.... 13 20 41.67 N 74 47 28.17E

Jaganath Puri............... 19 47 43.80 N 85 49 41.34 E

Nepal, Kathmandu

Sleeping Vishnu.......... 27 46 41.22 N 85 21 44.12 E

Pashupatti Mandir....... 27 42 26.40 N 85 20 52.67 E

Maha Bodh................. 27 43 17.21 N 85 21 42.62 E

Svyambhu.................. 27 42 53.74 N 85 17 24.28 E

Hamsagati and I spent time in Nepla! Kirtan, book distribution, prasadam, etc...Sri Vishnu Diety is out in the open... about 7meters tall... lieing on Ananta Shesh ... very ancient Diety. "kitna purana?" nobody knows!

The Udupi Mandir view shows one of Udupi Krsna's Rath-Yatra carts right in front of the Temple's main door.. preparing for a Rath Yatra that night.