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Food for Life Friends Newsletter - July 2007

by Food for Life Friends

Posted July 9, 2007

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AMMA - New Documentary (Preview)

View clip now This is the opening credits for the new film and features the song: Vedic Hospitality, written and sung by Paul Turner (Priyavrata das)

July 3 - Simba Share, Inc. a 501 (c) 3 charity based in Dallas, TX, aims to increase public awareness of needy people across the world through education, video documentation, sponsorship and advocacy. Their very first project will be a documentary called, AMMA, highlighting one of Food for Life's orphanage projects.

AMMA is the story of a woman, Nandarani Devi, who took children from both sides of Sri Lanka's ethnic war and raised them as brothers and sisters, and in doing so is raising the hope for that country's future.

The story is told by "Amma" herself with comments by her husband Mahakarta and their natural daughter, Shree Rangani, who speaks eloquently of her mother's work, how the children take care of one another, and how children orphaned by the tsunami differ from children orphaned by war.

The story is punctuated with musical segments combined with appropriate imagery and even some animation.

The film is arranged in five segments with songs by Astrud Gilberto, The Smithereens, Sun Palace, Trini Lopez and Nick Lowe with narration by Academy award winning actor, F. Murry Abraham

Simba Share is currently in post-production of the film which will benefit The Bhaktivedanta Children's Home in Sri Lanka (, a wonderful organization that is providing care, compassion and education to children orphaned by the ongoing cultural conflict, poverty and the 2004 tsunami.

The title of the documentary, "Amma", is the common word for Mother in Sri Lanka and is what the children call Nandarani Devi, the orphanage director. The documentary will chronicle the lives of these incredibly resilient children and the woman who has dedicated her life to their well-being.

Nandarani Devi says, "Whatever the children have lost before, they can find it here" and she makes that statement a reality by providing the children with more than most of them have ever had - security, healthy food and a diverse education. As well as having teachers on staff, the children teach each other by sharing their histories with the class, not only does it promote cultural understanding but it builds a bond, one that was apparent when the girls introduced the 2 year old Sita Devi to James as their sister.

Simba Share and Food for Life Global are very excited about this project and feel it is timely, worthy and good.

Please Support this project. We require the following items:

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Simba Share, Inc.
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Spiritual Hospitality - a solution to world hunger

April/May - In an effort to facilitate cooperation with and between member organizations, the European Vegetarian Union organizes the annual EVU Talks Click Here. The 2007 event took place in Vienna, Austria (April 27 - May 1) and the theme was "The veggie answer to world hunger." More than 100 delegates attended the discussions, including Food for Life Global Director, Paul Rodney Turner (Priyavrata das) spoke on "Spiritual Hospitality" as a way to address the root cause of world hunger. The presentation can be viewed in PDF format Download here Click Here. (6 mb)

New FFL Global Office

We are little late in reporting this, but Food for Life Global now has a new headquarters in Takoma Park, MD, about 10 minutes from Washington DC. The 1100 sq foot office space has plenty of room for volunteers to come and work. If you feel inspired, give us a call and come over. We have plenty of projects for you!

Food for Life Global Headquarters:

7008 Westmoreland Ave. Suite B, Takoma Park, MD 20912 USA

Get Directions Click Here (Google Maps)

Ph: 1 888 816 6977

Java Green partners with FFLG

May - Dae J Kim (right) and younger brother HoJung (left) manage DC's most popular veg cafe, Java Green. Voted one of the top veg restaurants in the US by Veg News, the fusion cafe has a huge base of loyal customers.

DJ greets every guest with his trademark "Peace", and then extends a warm hug. He genuinely wants to create a sense of peace and love in his cafe and the results show. DJ and HoJung have been long time supporters of Food for Life, an indeed every veg-friendly non-profit in Washington DC.

Food for Life looks forward to partnering with Java Green in developing a new and unique cafe brand that will focus on high quality organic meals for low-income consumers. Our first project will be an organic vegan pizza parlor in DC called Pizza Green that will not only serve great pizzas but some of of Java Greens famous healthy sandwiches.

Recently DJ inspired many of his clients and friends to join him in starting a new charity called LIVE GREEN The NGO will focus on connecting green businesses with consumers interested in green products, but it will also develop its own green projects to benefit the community. Food for Life will be a recipient charity of the profits generated by some of these projects.

DJ continues to be an inspiration to all of us at Food for Life Global and we look forward to working with him in creating the peaceful and loving world that he so much desires.

To learn about Java Green visit:


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Remote Volunteering / Fund Raiser / Activisism

Food for Life is encouraging people to give their time in their local area to help raise awareness of FFL's activities and thus raise much needed money. It is really easy to help. Simply print out the following documents and distribute them widely. (please enquire for details about the documents).

Another cool way to help is to add the following email signature to one of your email accounts so that your friends hear about Food for Life. (please enquire for details about the documents).

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Get your FFL World Map

The FFL World Hunger Map is available for $5 each (plus shipping). Proceeds will go towards supporting FFL projects around the world. Printing is limited, so order today! Only $5 (plus shipping)

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