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Friends of the BBT Newsletter, July 2007

by Friends of the BBT

Posted July 3, 2007

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Krishna Consciousness: The Next Generation
by Madhava Smullen

Krishna consciousness is entering a new era. Times change, and with them, methods of spreading spiritual knowledge also change. is one of those new methods. Arriving on the scene in 1996, when the Internet was still in its larva stage, the website invited young blood for a young project, and ISKCON’s first and second generations worked together to create a truly impressive achievement.

Radha, a second generation devotee and’s store manager, isn’t afraid to let anyone know, either. When I asked her how long she’s worked there, she replies with her usual good-humored swagger, “In years? Who can tell? But in unique web visitors? Then probably 43 million. Satisfied customers? Then we’re looking at 14,000, give or take a few. I’ve worked at for 29,000 books sold—that’s over a quarter of a million dollars worth—and for 1.8 million people reading BTG.”

Nagaraja Dasa, editor of Back to Godhead magazine, has also championed inviting youth to be part of the team. “I think the second generation wants to do something substantial to spread Krishna consciousness, and is a great tool for them, because they’re naturally at home in the digital world. I like working with the youth,” he adds, “They bring energy and a fresh perspective.”

The second generation return the feeling. “There’s lots of laughter here, which is the most important measure of a workplace,” says Radha. “And I love that I’m constantly challenged to try new things, or old things in a new way.”

Challenges are indeed coming thick and fast at these days, with a re-imagined version of the site set to launch by Janmastami 2007. Improving on all the usual favorite elements, the new site will be more dynamic and multimedia-driven. Two new sections will also be added: Connect, a community section, and Experience, providing the path to experiencing Krishna consciousness beyond