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Care for Cows Newsletter

by Kurma Rupa dasa

Posted July 2, 2007

Our July 2007 Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience.

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This month we present:

  1. How the Monsoon has affected us.
  2. An account of our attempt to save Vanadevi.
  3. An account of three bull safaris from Sunrakh to Belvan.
  4. An introduction to Madhu, one of our working bulls.
  5. How cud is used in supportive therapy.
  6. Testimonials from the eight new residents accepted this month.
  7. And more...

Thanks for all your participation and support. I hope this finds you experiencng the happiness and inner satisfaction that accompanies cow protection. Jaya Sri Gopal!

Your friend and servant,
Kurma Rupa dasa