Chakra Announcements

Croatian Devotee Website Now Online

by Mohan das (Karlovac, Croatia)

Posted January 19, 2009

Greetings from Karlovac. We would like to inform you about a special event: the opening of our website, We've done our best, together with outside associates, to make this website representative. We leave you to evaluate our efforts.

For all of us this is very important because this temple was the idea of HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami. Two years have passed from its opening, and many nice things have happened, including this site. Many of you are our friends, so now you can directly see what is going on with us. We want to fulfil Bhakti Tirtha Maharaj's instruction for preaching in Croatia, so please help in any way you can. Mostly this site is for new people, so one of the best way to help is to put links to our site wherever you can — different blogs, sites, Facebook — everything helps.

We wanted to make it much more convenient for reading the news, and we wanted to make it look more beautiful and expand the spheres of action. Since the Indian culture is an ancient one, the site design features the appearance of aged paper with sections for galleries, world news, announcements, etc. Thanks to bhakta Boris, the banner looks really great, like an altar in the Indian temples.

Now you can comment on every text; the site has both English- and Serbo-Croatian versions; we put in a new calendar, a map of all the centres in Croatia and various other links; and the old stuff is still there. You can click on whatever you like; each image, whatever you see — banners, headers, texts, practically everything. Each news box on the right side of the page links to the three most recent stories, sorted by date. If you'd like to see all the news from any specific news box, you need only click on the box headline and you will get all the past year's events. You can see all the older news stories if you press the "archive" link on the bottom of any article.

We will try to update the site frequently — daily if possible. There will be a variety of news of spirituality, yoga and vegetarianism from all around the world. We'll publish the results of the book distribution yajna in Croatia and from the rest of the world. Often (once or twice per week) we will publish the lessons from HH Radhanatha Swami that we receive regularly from devotees in Chowpatty, India.

The site is planned on a "multilevel" principle: to be interesting for those who know nothing about spirituality and yoga, for those who understand a little bit, and for those who are already very advanced in spiritual life. There are galleries and articles about everything that happened in our yatra and all around the world in the last five months. Those who want to place an ad or write a text may contact us; the site will be well advertised and will have links to other sites about bhakti yoga, vegetarianism and similar sites, so if you want to inform others around the world about your activities, just contact us and we will try to help you.

Finally we would like to thank to everyone who helped to make this site. Especially we would like to thank the team from Webtrend, who for six months patiently and tolerantly executed their work, despite our constant demands for various amendments and modifications regarding the designs and the content management system. All this time they were focused and very professional. Thanks to Boris, who has made so much effort to make this site; to Mario, for a lot of initial help; to Lidija and Dragana for translation into English; to Dasaratha Suta das and Syama Rasa das for many of the written and translated news articles; to Adbhuti Dhatri dasi, Mahimi Mayi dasi and Mrs. Gordana from Petrinja for various assistance; and to all others who helped in any way to make this a reality.

We hope that you will like this new look and the new functionality of our site; please feel free to contact us with any suggestions that you have. All the best, and enjoy the site.