Chakra Announcements

ISKCON Centers Address List Update

by Manu dasa

Posted January 18, 2007

Please take a minute to update your temple's contact information in the ISKCON Centers Address List featured on
Go to the above link and type your city or state into the search box and check to make sure your contact information is listed correctly. If not, please click on the "Submit Corrections" button and enter the details. More than 4000 new people every day visit in search of Krishna. Many end up visiting their nearest local temple. If your contact information is not there, or out of date, they will be unable to visit you.

Please take five minutes to update your information. If your temple has an email address or website, please update the listing accordingly. (The emails in our address list are encrypted in the source code and are not able to be picked up by automatic crawler scripts - just in case you are worried about spam.)

Manu dasa c/o BBT