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KRISHNA.COM Live Help Makes Devotees

by Manu dasa

Posted January 11, 2007 is the website project of the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. For some time, the site has been offering a service called "Live Help" at the top left of each page, where visitors can log in and ask questions about Krishna via instant text messaging.

Today, a frequent visitor to the live help chat wrote to inform the devotees that he got so inspired on live help that he has joined his nearest temple. He says:

"I owe so much to live help and for inspiring me to take to Krishna consciousness. I am very happy that I decided to join the temple and have gone out every day of the marathon and distributed hundreds of Srila Prabhupadas books."

Jaya! As you can imagine, the team are in bliss. Over 4,000 people visit each day, from all corners of the world. The visitor map shows traffic from Iceland, South Pacific Islands, Siberia, and other distant places where the BBT does not currently have book distributors. Along with heavy traffic from all the more populated areas of the world. The site never sleeps. It sees a steady flow of visitors 24 hours a day. (See the map at the bottom of the home page.)

"This is the most amazing service one can offer to the world. For people like us who have restricted mobility living without car, not able to do much in the local community, this service is simply a benediction."
- Mahaprakasha Dasa (Canada)

"I do like interacting with people who come on live help looking for a direction or just want to talk on spiritual topics. .. Also, its a great means to put someone in touch with our temples around the world."
- Ramacandra Dasa (New Jersey)

Live Help is an ideal service for anyone with a computer and Internet connection. Answer people's questions about Krishna from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, whenever you feel inspired. If you have basic experience in Krishna consciousness and would like to share them with others on live help, contact via the form at: