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New Forums for Devotees

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Posted January 3, 2004

All devotees are invited to join the forums at a new web site dedicated to the service of the Vaishnava community.

Since VNN shut down it's forums, there has not been a really popular forum for devotee discussions. Seeing a need for a well-moderated forum that is acceptable to most all devotees, we have started the forums at our new web site . It is the hope that devotees who are not participating in the forum discussion on the existing forum sites will join this forum and create a nice community discussion group. Due to low standards, offensive material or questionable affiliations most devotees are not willing to join other forums that have been started on the web in recent years. Our committment at is to provide well-moderated forums that are conservative enough, yet liberal enough to attract the broadest cross-section of devotees. The theme means that we are committed to the greater community of devotees that includes all devotees in the line of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Goswami. Our theme is to unite and combine this saraswata community into the unified movement that it is destined to become. We are welcoming contributions of articles and material to make the web site and the forums as valuable and useful resource as a service to the international devotee community.

Please join the forums at and offer your insights and input on issues and topics relating to the prosperity and success of the Krishna consciousness movement in the 21st century.