Chakra Announcements

The Hing

by Bhakta Eric

Posted February 25, 2008

So much news goes unreported in ISKCON. Dandavats, Sampradaya Sun and Chakra just can't cover it all! So here is where The Hing steps in.

The Hing, ISKCON's finest news source, promises to bring you the most in depth reports ripped straight off the headlines. We'll deliver compelling accounts of the issues important to you the exact moment you need them most. Fridays!

Each Friday (and more often if folks chip in), we'll dish out the news you've grown to expect since you started reading this announcement, not two minutes ago.

Three stories have run so far:

-Area Grhasta Vows to Speak to No Woman Except Wife

-Family Desperately Tries to Plan Vacation Around Temple Locations, Free Prasadam

-Maverick Book Distributor Accidentally Reads Srila Prabhupada Book

-Ex-ISKCON Guru Now Ex-Ithica Car Salesman

Upcoming scoops include...

-ITV Announces New DVD Series: Memories of Memories of Srila Prabhupada

-Ritvik Movement Calls It Quits After Running Out of Silly Names for ISKCON Gurus

-Area ISKCON Temple Holds Sale on Hindu Samskaras

And many, many more!

Note - Ok, let's get a bit serious here. The Hing is satire in the vein of The Onion newspaper This means that the articles, while not actually true, are basically true enough. They're poking fun. And yeah, it might be a touch controversial to make fun of things we devotees do, but if we're honest with ourselves, we'll admit that some of our habits are pretty darn goofy. Just see.