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Friends Of the BBT Newsletter Nov/dec Issue

by Caitanya Dasi (Friends of the BBT)

Posted December 5, 2005

Friends of the BBT Newsletter - Nov/Dec issue

International BBT News - Contents:

ECSTATIC SANKIRTAN FESTIVAL - the sleeping giant of Alachua wakes up! Visit from Vaisesika prabhu

AN OCEAN OF COMPASSION; POETRY BY SRILA PRABHUPADA - long awaitedtranslation and presentation by Dasaratha-suta prabhu

LIVING AT GOVARDHANA - a conversation with Keshava Bharati Swami about the Sanskrit translation team

COLLEGE PREACHING - in India, report by Bhima prabhu

LIBRARY PARTY IN FULL SWING - News from Vijay prabhu about the new effort.