Chakra Announcements

New Vaisnava Dharma Group List

by Dr. Frank Gaetano Morales (Pranakrsna Dasa)

Posted August 26, 2005

Hare Krsna,

We've just started a new e-mail list dedicated to understanding the ancient path of Vaisnava Dharma.

The list will include:

This e-mail list is free, easy, and you can un-subscribe any time. To subscribe, just click on the below web address, and sign in. Please join today!

Please help us get the word out. Please feel free to forward this information to any friends, lists, web-sites, or discussion groups dedicated to Yoga Philosophy, Vaisnavism, Hinduism, or Vedic Spirituality. Thank You.

Best Regards,

Dr. Frank Gaetano Morales (Pranakrsna Dasa)