is not PAMHO.NET
by Ramakanta das
Posted April 23, 2003

Please note that ( is not PAMHO.NET ( is not affiliated with PAMHO.NET except that they probably run the mail server on the computer that belongs to me and which they use without having to pay anything to me, and that for some time they collected PAMHO.NET fees (which they did not yet send to me).

PAMHO.NET (previously "COM") is the e-mail service started by the NE-BBT in 1986. It can be accessed with WinCOM/MacCOM. Whereas is an e-mail service recently started by the Hare Krishna Network (Krishna Kirtan Prabhu and others).

So if you want to renew your PAMHO.NET account or sign up a new account on PAMHO.NET, please go to (not to

Sorry, that I have to inform you in this way, but neither the home page nor sign up page of tell you that you will not get a PAMHO.NET account if you sign up an account there, rather it says "PAMHO Service Signup".

ys Ramakanta dasa

(Reprinted from "(PAMHO) System (Info)")