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ISKCON Fiji New Website is a Voluntary Initiative

by Radha Kanta Das (VVPS)

Posted April 21, 2007

ISKCON fiji has a new website address which I have created with the help of some enthusiastic youths make available information about the Fiji yatra on the web. The old address has temporarily been out of service due to some difficulties and i saw a need to address this problem by doing some self initiative work. It has darshan images, videos, audios, lectures, youth updates, news, articles, gift shop details and alot more.On this website there is very easy access for links to other sites such as youth website page, Sri Radha Golokbihari temple website and H.H Vedavyasapriya swami disciples forum preachning ministry. The website has been done on free web hosts on the net and is a self initiative of the ISKCON Suva youths. Acknowledgements is extended to Mr. Akmal Ellyas Ali, the President of University of the South Pacific Islamic Society who has given valuable assistance in getting the website done, contributing writers and other well wishers to me while i undertook this task of making the website.

This site would be updated at least every two days with all the latest happening from Fiji posted as it is. I thank greatly His Holiness Bir Krishna Goswami Maharaj and my spiritual master His Holiness Vedavyasapriya Swami for boosting my confidence and enthusiasm in the website project.

I would welcome suggestions, criticisms, comments and ideas on how i can improve the site or make it more devotee friendly. You can directly email me on :

All glories to Sri Radha Golokbhari.