The Hare Krishna Network
Posted April 6, 2003

In a world where email has taken such an important place in people's daily lives we naturally expect to find an environment for this form of communication that is friendly and safe for ourselves and our children. With this has finally become a reality. offers you the opportunity to become part of the online Vaishnava community. As a service for devotees who want to enjoy a safe internet mailing service based on devotion to Krishna, is virtually free of mass advertising, spam, and so many of the other obnoxious "features" that plague the regular web-based email systems. It combines all the features expected of a professional, highly configurable web-based email system to guarantee your satisfaction and leave you no regrets when switching over from your old system. Read and write mail, plan meetings and events with your personal calendar, participate in conferences, and much more. Become an active part of this world wide source of communication.

More and more do we find our "free" Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN and AOL email boxes filled with "bulk" mail full of unwanted content -- anything from advertisements to get-rich-quick schemes and pornography. True, the accounts seem to be free, but in the end we pay with the time it takes to download the banners and other ads, with our personal information that is gathered and sold for profit we'll never see, and with our exposure to extremely objectionable material. We pay through being part of a gigantic media machine meant to advance the world of materialism.

These worries are over. With devotees now have an excellent alternative for their mailing needs, a medium free of bad influence and polluting elements, a medium that parents can feel secure about as their children venture out on the Internet.

Since 1989 devotees have been familiar with COM, a Bulletin Board based system developed by the BBT in Sweden. Initially meant for internal administration it slowly developed in features and in several years leaped to the Internet complete with offline reader. Many versions, names and owners later the system is now known as, privately owned, and still an excellent devotee email medium. However, web-based email gateways and interfaces are becoming more and more popular because of the portability and hardware independence they offer. has not manifested such a feature yet, and this is where fills the gap. Please therefore note that is not affiliated with accounts do, however, offer the possibility to retrieve mail through the Web.

Sign up now for your free Standard Account, featuring 8 MB of mail space, conference access, spam and virus protection, personal address book and calendar, personal filters, multi-language support, and much more! Or sign up for our $19.95 a year Professional Account, with all the standard features plus IMAP/POP3 access, conference managing, online support, and 25 MB of space for your personal website! was made for you, with your needs in mind. We hope you like it. is a privately owned and independent entity.

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Thank you and Hare Krishna!