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Fossil Fuel Depletion Forum

by Prabhupada das Karapurnam

Posted April 5, 2005

Hare Krishna. PAMHO. AGTSGAG.

This forum exists for the Vaishnav people to discuss the coming fossil fuel depletion and derive practical plans how to deal with the ensuing effects. According to current research, it is estimated that Global Peak Oil will occur in 10 to 15 years. When this takes place the cost of fossil fuels will begin to increase and gradually, as supplies decline, the world will be forced back to pre-industrial times. This means that many localities that depend on fossil fuel and imports of goods and services will be left to fend for themselves by utilizing local resources.

His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedana Swami made a practical contribution to social reform" in his "Varnashram Development" teachings. In many places he indicated that the artificial oil society would collapse in our lifetime and return to agrarian status. To prepare for this he gave some 960 pages of instructions on how and why to establish a network of self sufficient rural communities based on varnashram principles and practices. During his manifest presence a number of communities were started, such as New Vrindavan and Gita Nagari, but, since his departure the topics of Varnashram and Rural Community have almost become extinct.

The objective of this forum is not to discuss Varnashram per se, but to discuss how to practically establish a network of locally sustainable alternative intentional communities that can serve as a foundation for the continuance of Gaudiya Vaishnavism in the coming difficult times. Of course there will be many "speculations and arguments" on what Varnashram means and how to establish it, but, what is common to all survival efforts are food, clothing, shelter, medicine, defense, energy, organization, etc. One community may have a different idea what Varnashram is from another, but all will have common needs for these essentials. How the devotees will arrange for basic survival and the acquisition of these essentials is the main focus of the forum.

Some pertinent topics are:

  1. Local ecoregional boundaries
  2. Ecoregional inventory of natural and human resources
  3. The structure of the proposed social system for devotees
  4. How the proposed social system uses natural resources
  5. How many can live in the region without fossil fuels
  6. Relations between devotees and the local population
  7. Defense of communities and natural resources
  8. Education for local sustainability
  9. How to overcome fossil fuel addiction and take action in advance of depletion

This forum has nothing to do with political or ideological orientation and is open to anyone who has an interest in the topic of local sustainability in the face of fossil fuel depletion. Any comments or references off topic will be noted and deleted.

With respect and appreciation
Prabhupada das Karapurnam