Chakra Announcements

Remembrance Site for Vaishnavas

by Amala Gaura dasa

Posted April 2, 2008

In order for the devotee community to have a place to remember devotees, we have setup It is a site where devotees can post remembrances and have a place to collect memories for posterity. Pages can be locked from edits, or limited to certain users by whoever creates the page. You may post photos or link to Flickr or other photo hosting sites.

The site is meant for the benefit of the devotee community and I hope devotees take advantage of it. I have started importing entries from the In Memoriam site ( and will finish over the next week or so. There is a short introduction and instructions on the site which devotees can use to start a page for remembrances.

Devotees can post a page about a devotee, and then other devotees may add their memories as edits to the page or as comments.