Ecstatic Harinam in HONG KONG for new year (2003) celebration
by Tusti Mohan Krsna das
Posted January 2, 2003

Dear devotees

Dandavat Pranams

We had an extraordinary Harinam to celebrate the end of the 2002 and welcome the 2003 with chanting the mahamantra in the main street of the TSIM SHA TSUI in Kowloon Hong Kong.

Devotees since early hours were preparing prasadam in small plastic bags for mass distribution while chanting in the streets of this great city the Mahamantra Hare Krsna.

How fortunate are those people who have heard the holly names of the lord at the end of this year, from among millions who live in this part of the world thousands were blessed by the nectar of the names of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu the most merciful incarnation of the Supreme Lord.

Many devotees were leading the kirtan during the procession that ended in front of the building of our temple and before midnight exactly Prabhav das prabhu chanted Nrishimha Prayers a apart from the Mahamantra for the protection of all the devotees around the world, it is great to see how people from the streets use to dance in front of the procession and many of them were taking pictures to the devotees while following the transcendental Harinam.

For this program many devotees did a great seva along with the congregation members of our community with enthusiasm and great devotion to serve Srila Prabhupada in every town and village

I am sending few pics so you all can see the nectarean photos (links at bottom of page).


Downloads (click picture/links to view at full size):

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