Lord Jagannatha in Nis, Serbia
(written by Syamananda dasa, Nis, Serbia)
Posted December 19, 2002

Saturday, 22 September 2002

As a part of a festival of world etno music, which is held for the second time in Nis, second big city in Sebia (300 000 inhabitants). The festival is held under the patronage of city officials. It's goal is to present to the Nis audience different cultures. Organisers of this festivala are in contact with devotees for a long time, so that the last year the guests on the festivalu were Nityananda Band - famous devotee music group from the capital - Belgrade.

During preparations for this festival one of the organisers, Mr Miki, together with Dinom Vatsalom Prabhuom, the leader of Nis's Nama Hatta Center, has watched a video about ISKCON, where he has seen fastivals of Lord Jagannatha worldwide. He liked it very much and asked devotees if it can be organized in Nis.

The festival started about 4 pm, on Saturday, 22 September 2002, making a circle in front of the festival hall, then it went on the bank of River Nisava to the bridge which leads to medieval Nis Tower. This distance the cart with Lord Jagannatha made two times while devotees and guests pulled it with ropes and cleaned in front of the cart.People were attracted to take part and do some service for the Lord. Other people took part by taking prasadam sweetballs uzimajuci prasadam kuglice, honored very enthusiastically by by performers of folk music, who had performed before devotees on the stage.

At the end, one little girl, to her own amazement and the amazement of her grandfather, got a garland of Lord Caitanya.

Despite the unfaithful person such as myself, Lord still manifested in Nis. He did that not because of any materijal arrangements, but because of the sincere desire and efforts of devotees that his smiling face blesses one whole city and all the conditioned souls that happened to be there by their karma. many devotees contributed to this, and I will mention some of them.

Naksatri Prabhu, senior devotee from Belgrade, with his energy and menaging accomplished that the whole procession continues without hindrance and in a spiritual atmosphere. Bhakta Miki and Bhaktin Mira from Nis, whose Vaisnasva hospitality served many guest devotees. Bhakta Dula from Subotica fully took over spiritual care so that transcedental cart of the Lord move without hindrance and problems at the large sidewalk on the bank of the River Nisava. Bhakta Deki from Smederevo, by whose devotion and able hands the Deities of Jagganatha, Baladeva i Subhadra got new effulgence and attraction. Madva Muni Prabhu from Belgrade, whose kirtanas and constant dancing had a contagious effect on all the devotees present.