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New Vrindavan to Hold Retreat for Vaishnava Women

by Malati dasi

Posted August 16, 2004


Experience autumn at its best in the Appalachian foothills -- please attend our second annual Vaishnavi Retreat, from October 8 - 10, 2004 in New Vrindavan, West Virginia.

Inspired by the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, the retreat offers an intimate atmosphere for Vaishnavi Sanga, including interactive presentations and healthy prasadam.

Sessions will include: Yoga, Bhakti Shastra overviews, Japa meditation, campfire bhajans, Sunday morning with Prabhupada at the Palace, and panel discussions.

The event includes herbal arts and remedies, massage work, a purification lodge and other healing arts for body & soul. There will be classes in handcrafting, vegetarian macrobiotics and South Indian specialties as well. Some of the discussion topics include "Replacing the New Age", "Women in Krishna's Service" and "Families, Children & Krishna". More topics will be announced later as details become known. Many senior Vaishnava women are expected.

$108 Advance Registration (seminars, workshops and prasad; arrange your own lodging separately). $120 at the Door, also without accommodation included.

$144 Advance-Registration -- Package Deal (seminars, workshops and prasad; plus three nights accommodations, including West Virginia sales tax on lodging).

Retreat Contact Information:

Organizer Malati devi, phone: (304) 845-9591. Email:

Address: RD 1 Box 319, Moundsville WV 26041

For accommodations: (304) 843-1600 ext. 2, Email:

Nearest Airport: Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. Nearest Bus Stations: Pittsburgh, PA and Wheeling, West Virginia (pick-ups available $15 per person, advance notification required)