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Curriculum Project Team in London Looking for Experienced Educational Professionals

by Urmila devi dasi

Posted October 27, 2006

The I-Foundation, in cooperation with Bhaktivedanta Manor in London, is seeking qualified writers, researchers, and artists to create and compile Vedic-based educational materials for children ages 3-7 that will meet the requirements of the UK National Curriculum. The service will start in December 2006 and continue until April 2008.

This is your chance to work with a team of inspired educational professionals to serve the vision of a first-rate educational system for the next generation in accordance with the philosophy upon which ISKCON is based.

The project may in due course evolve over the long term, ultimately producing first class educational materials for students aged 3-18 with teachers’ guides, color illustrations, video, audio, posters, and all auxiliary materials.

Service Description

About the Project:

The I-Foundation is facilitating the curriculum team in London until the Krishna-Avanti school opens in August of 2008. This curriculum is especially being designed for this school, although with very slight modifications it should serve any English medium school dedicated to ISKCON’s goals.

The first project, to be completed by April 2008, will be materials for children in the UK’s “Foundation Stage,” or approximately ages 3-6. (If the team decides to concentrate on a learning to read program, those materials should serve children through age 7 or 8). While the specifics of what will be produced will only be decided once the team has assembled and reviewed all existing educational materials, the present idea is to produce complete teachers’ manuals for nursery school (ages 3 and 4) and either a learning to read program for ages 5-7 (or 8) or integrated, thematic materials for ages 5-6 covering subjects such as geography, history, science, religious education, and arts.

After this phase of the project is completed, it is expected that the team will continue to produce materials until a complete Vedic-based curriculum for primary and secondary education is done to first-class standards.

Knowledge and skills desired:

We offer:

An opportunity to work on a much needed project with a team of enlivened, motivated educational professionals in the dynamic spiritually surcharged atmosphere of the Bhaktivedanta Manor community in London.

Prasadam, accommodations, travel to and from London, and a needs-based monthly stipend/salary.


December 2006 through April 2008

For additional information:

Please contact Pujarini devi dasi, (

To apply for this service:

The application deadline is November 30, 2006. To apply, please send Campakalata devi dasi ( the following information:

  1. A brief explanation of your knowledge and experience, if any, in each of the above listed preferred qualifications
  2. References
  3. Any other information that will help us make a decision