Chakra Announcements

Seeking Temple President for ISKCON Lautoka

by Bir Krishna das Goswami

Posted October 22, 2007

Srila Prabhupada personally opened the first temple in Fiji, the Krishna Kaliya Temple in Lautoka. During his visit to Fiji, Srila Prabhupada explained that the Kaliya serpent had now taken shelter of Fiji. This Kaliya serpent being a devotee, protects the other devotees

The Deities of Krishna Kaliya, Gaura Nitai, and Radha Govinda with Lalita and Visakha are being worshipped in the temple.

Thousands of local devotees flock to the temple on Janmastami, and other holidays.

The premises consist of a temple building, and adjoining prasadam hall/auditorium.

The temperature is always perfect, tropical fruits (mangos, papaya, etc.) are in abundance, and the prasadam is the best in the world.

Now that some of the devotees are retiring from management positions, we are in need of expert managers to fill the vacancies.

We are accepting applications for the position of Temple President in Lautoka. Here are the details.

  1. Regular attendance at the morning program
  2. Supervising the resident devotees and ensuring their regular attendance at the spiritual programs
  3. Supervising the finances of the temple
  4. Arranging and participating in preaching programs on a regular basis
  5. Making regular reports to the GBC representative
  6. Cultivating members
  7. Making sure that the services at the temple go on smoothly
  8. Making sure that the Deity worship goes on smoothly and is conducted properly
  9. Making sure that the devotees have harmonious relationships

  1. The temple president and family (if he has a wife and family) will be supplied with a private apartment in a building adjoining the temple.
  2. Visas and transportation will be arranged
  3. A monthly salary (terms to be negotiated) will be provided.
  4. Travel expenses will be paid
  5. Other terms to be negotiated

There will be an initial 6 month evaluation period.

If you are interested please contact: Bir Krishna das Goswami (GBC-Fiji) at