Chakra Announcements

Urgent : Job Opportunities in New Mayapura

by Govinda das

Posted November 29, 2008

We are looking for a few good men and women to help us renovate New Mayapura, France. If you would like to come and spend some time just underneath the beautiful Loire Valley, smack in the middle of France and help us out; we need construction workers, pujaris, cooks, gardeners, handymen, administrators, hotel personnel etc. We are currently undertaking major works on roads and buildings, repairing the castle and setting up seminar facilities with a view of creating job opportunities for devotees who would like to live in a community environment. We are also looking for someone who can organise a world fundraiser to cover the costs of repairing the castle. New Mayapura is the last temple (correct me if I'm wrong - but I'm pretty sure) in mainland Europe where Srila Prabhupada stayed. There are urgent repair works that need to be done if we want to keep the property. If you would like to spend a month or two and give us a hand, if you are looking for a long term situation, or if you can help us in any other way please contact Kutastha (temple president), or me (grounds manager) at