Chakra Announcements

Preachers & Pujaris

by Sandamini devi dasi

Posted November 25, 2008

Phoenix Arizona is the 5th largest city in America and home to Sri Sri Radha Madhava Hari. Temple administrators are setting a goal in 2009 to increase our outreach, accountability and services. To this end we need the association of devotees with enthusiasm and knowledge to spread KC in a unified and collective way. We invite all book distributors and senior preachers to spend some time in Phoenix as the winter weather is very mild with millions of conditioned souls to reach. We also have a very supportive east-Indian community as well, and home programs and bhakti vriksha are wide open for cultivation.

We also need a pujari/cook to keep the deity worship an inspiration and take care of the many guests that flow through the doors daily. Right now we don't have facility for householders, but single men and ladies can be housed comfortably. We are open to all reasonable requests. Check out our web site at

Please send all inquiries to