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Farm Help Needed in Ukiah

by Lakshmi Kary

Posted November 16, 2008

My children have all grown up and left for college. I could use some help, and I'm looking for one or more devotees to live here and share responsibilities in exchange for rent. I can offer a large house with one large bedroom and one smaller bedroom for someone, as well as a temple room with lots of Deities. I have lots of fruit trees, gardens, etc. that need care. My 2.5-acre homestead is 7 minutes from Ukiah, California 95470, if you want to Google it.

Most importantly, I have many animals -- about 10 cows, several of which need daily care, and a barnyard of other creatures. A cow needs to be milked and a bull calf needs to continue his training until I can find him a job in ISKCON somewhere. So far I've been doing most of this by myself, but I've had three spinal surgeries and I really shouldn't be lifting bags of grain and heavy buckets of milk. I'm looking for someone who likes animals and has some experience with them.

The person needs to be committed to Srila Prabhupada and should be sane, extremely reliable, steady, honest and trustworthy. He or she should not mind hard work, should enjoy nature and farming and should be comfortable with "live and let live". I'm seeking someone who can be clean and tidy and help make milk products; I don't want people who take drugs of any kind. I'm not pure, but I draw the line with some things.

I spend most of my time with the animals and doing Vedic astrology, so I'm not necessarily looking to get involved in preaching programs, etc. I can't afford to pay anyone, so they would need their own source of income. A few hours of work daily during a five-day week would be in exchange for rent, etc. Please contact me, Lakshmi Kary, at