Chakra Announcements

Earn $3 Per Article Writing About Krishna!

by Vrindavan dasa (Victor Epand)

Posted May 22, 2007

This offer is an opportunity for devotees to earn $3 per article meanwhile writing about Krishna Conscious subjects. The articles must be well written with good spelling, grammar and formatting, and must be from 500-1000 words in length. The articles must be informational, meaning they should not contain any advertising or commercial links. The articles will be used primarily for the purpose of marketing a new website called and these articles will be identified only by the website name ( and my name (Victor Epand). This means that for every article written:

  1. You agree to surrender all rights to the article.
  2. You allow the article to be used for marketing purposes for the website
  3. You agree that your name will not be associated with or displayed with the article.
  4. Your article must be unique, original content. This means it cannot be copied from previously written articles, websites, or copyrighted sources.

The articles should be written about a subject matter relating to one of the categories displayed on the left side menu here: such as Acupressure Massage, Ayurveda, Krishna's Pasttimes, Hare Krishna philosophy, etc. The articles must be informational in content and unique in nature.

In addition to the article body (500-1000 words), you must also include a title, brief description (less than 400 characters), keywords (comma separated), as well as your name and PayPal email address ( Everything must be correctly formatted in plain text with no HTML, no special characters, no line breaks within paragraphs, and only 1 line break between paragraphs.

Article submissions should be emailed to and no more than 1 article may be submitted at a time. Within 1-7 days, your article will be reviewed and if it is accepted you will automatically receive $3 via PayPal. As soon as you receive the $3, you are welcome to submit another article again and again, but no more than one at a time. This way, authors who write approved articles may earn hundreds of dollars writing about Krishna Consciousness! Note, however, that you will not be paid for articles that are disapproved.

Please note the Resources section at the bottom of the left side menu at contains a non-profit link to (Krishna Conscious News).