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BTG Wants Your Words

by Madhava Smullen

Posted March 8, 2007

Back to Godhead Magazine continues to progress in leaps and bounds, introducing new features and authors, using more dynamic graphics, and upgrading to full, vivid color on every page. If you haven't picked a copy up in some time, do it now. You'll be surprised.

Our latest exciting new department "In Your Own Words" is created by you, the reader. Each issue, we ask you a unique question. And each issue, we publish the most inspiring, entertaining and well-written replies.

This gives everyone the chance to share their Krishna conscious realizations and get published in BTG. It also gives us a chance to interact with our readers and would-be writers.

To take part, go to or and answer our current question: "What's your favorite type of devotional service, and why?" (Please keep your answer to under one hundred and fifty words.)

If you are interested in writing for BTG on a larger scale, please send an email to, outlining what kind of articles you would like to write, what writing experience, education and publishing credits you've had, and some specific ideas.

Thank you.
-- Your servants at Back to Godhead/