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Denver ISKCON Seeking Devotees

by Naikatma das (ACBSP), ISKCON Denver Colorado

Posted June 26, 2006

Positions Available:

  1. Temple commander/Bhakta leader
  2. Govinda's Restaurant head cook
  3. Pujaris with cooking abilities
  4. Book distributors
  5. College preachers

With a wonderful transcendental history,along with the current preaching potential,and a vision for a great things to come, the Denver Temple management is seeking full-time devotees with diverse talents and backgrounds who possess a pioneering spirit to assist us increasing the service to the supreme Lord in Denver.


  1. Must strictly follow all basic Krsna Conscious rules and regulations (chant 16 rounds daily, attend morning devotional program, and follow the four regulative principles.)
  2. Must provide at least 2 references from senior ISKCON leaders.
  3. Must be loyal to ISKCON, its authorities, and the teachings of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Denver Yatra:

ISKCON Denver was named New Badrikashrama by Srila Prabhupada, due to the elevation and being located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We have been a leader in Book distribution and preaching programs in America for many years.

Their Lordships Sri Sri Gaur Nitai, Jagannatha, Balarama, Subhadra, and Sri Sri Radha Govinda enjoy one of the highest levels of Deity worship in ISKCON. The Temple is centrally located, with easy access to all mass transportation routes to downtown for Harinam Sankirtana, and is conveniently located near our food for life distribution points.

The temple has excellent facilities for Book Distribution with one of only three airports in the U.S. where Sankirtan is still legal. The downtown 16th Street Mall is very busy. The Metro College Campus, with our Bhakti-yoga club is great for college preaching, and Govinda's Buffet is well known for its fantastic prasadam meals; with unlimited potential for creating a prosperous catering business.

In conjunction with the Boulder Preaching Center, which carries on with Book Distribution and Harinama Sankirtan, the Denver Temple has four major State college campuses within a one-hour drive. The college campuses have proved to be a wonderful source for finding participants for our Bhakta Vriksa preaching programs.

Stipends are negotiable based on experience. References are required.

Please contact:

Naikatma das (ACBSP)
ISKCON Denver Colorado
1400 Cherry Street, 80220
Denver Colorado

Phone: 303 329 0106
       303 333 5461
       720 941 2763