Chakra Announcements

Scholarships To Bhaktivedanta College

by Romapada Swami and Chaitanya Mangala das

Posted July 19, 2006

Since our meeting in Alachua this May, several devotees have been working on a succession-of-leadership initiative. One of the fruits of that discussion was to provide scholarships for formal leadership and management training, which is the first nine months' focus for the Bhaktivedanta College three-year degree. Mentorship with successful leaders is another key area that we have been discussing.

Regarding the scholarship program, we have an Acrobat PDF flyer available for download which we would like you to post publicly and to announce in whatever fashion you feel is best.

The flyer announces that ISKCON Strategic Planning Initiative is actively looking for qualified second-generation people to immediately fill managerial positions. For those who are interested in making ISKCON their career, there are also five one-year scholarships to Bhaktivedanta College in Radhadesh (Belgium).

You'll notice that the deadline for scholarship application is in August, so I'm hoping this can be posted as quickly as possible. Selection of the candidates needs to take place before early September, so please make a conscientious effort to get the word out about this offer. Thank you.

Soon a prospectus will be available, which will describe this initiative in greater detail.