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Opportunity At Gita-nagari USA

by Jaya Gopal das

Posted July 1, 2007

In March of 2006, our family purchased a small roadside eatery, less than 2 miles from ISKCON Gita-nagari farm, along Pennsylvania State Highway 75. Following several weeks of renovations and organizing, we re-opened “Spruce Hill Lunch” for business as Juniata County’s first vegetarian/prasadam restaurant. Besides serving lunch and dinner, a very popular soft serve ice cream is made available to local residents and area devotees. Our emphasis has not been so much on the “vegetarian” theme, but rather that our offering is wholesome, homemade and “different”. In general we have received much encouragement and support from the general populace, as from the devotee community as well.

Our dilemma is that we primarily purchased and opened the business because it seems so ideal and complimentary to an ISKCON rural community, but our family is also full with other obligations and concerns.

We are only in our second season of business, but we see symptoms of gradual success. Income has been increasing (to date), and much of the initial spearheading work is done (renovating, changing the fare, local PR, etc.). The restaurant property includes acreage, an old service station garage (in moderately good shape), a nice upstairs apartment, and is along a major Pennsylvania state highway.

In short, we are scanning the ISKCON community to see if there is any brave soul(s)/couples who would like the challenge and opportunity with residing at Gita-nagari, while deriving some livelihood from the restaurant. A variety of scenarios are possible in regards to occupying/purchasing/leasing the property and business.

We would like to see this unique property/place remain a part of Gita-nagari, but realistically, without “fresh reinforcements”, our family will most likely move on to our other concerns and relinquish it to the non-devotee market.

Any inquiries can be made to Jaya Gopal das at We would be happy to share detailed information about costs, income, potential, etc. to any serious inquirer. Thank you for your time and consideration, Hare Krsna!