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Marketing Coordinator Position Available

by BBT

Posted January 28, 2006

Background for the Position

BBT International formed BBT Special Projects (SPD) to develop a marketing department that will develop strategies for BBT's new- and back-list into traditional and nontraditional trade markets.

Our strategy:

To provide people easy access to comprehensive knowledge of pure Bhakti yoga through books, music and other media. Through every avenue we can identify, to help people increase their faith and practically apply true and pure Bhakti principles in their lives-especially chanting Hare Krishna--and develop a lifetime relationship with Srila Prabhupada's books.

Current marketing strategies include:

Some long-term goals (examples):

To establish a national speaking circuit for authors, develop local Bhakti groups, national seminars, and retreat centers to provide a facility to learn, share, and personally experience the transformational power of pure Bhakti yoga.

Job Responsibilities

Primary responsibilities include developing and managing a portfolio of product (and services) marketing programs driven by research data that create brand awareness and generate contacts for BBT using traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies, as well as web marketing strategies.

This position drives the market research department, comprised of volunteers, and such research provides support for multiple objectives. The Coordinator will insure that the following objectives (and others developed through strategic planning) are realized:

Objective 1. Identify target audience for Bhakti books, music and other products.

Objective 2. Learn the language of our target market and write in that language.

Objective 3. Identify our distribution opportunities for books. Provide books for ISKCON's use for book distribution, identify the entire universe of trade options and trade alternatives.

Objective 4. Develop affiliate relationships with key groups and people, and do collaborative efforts with them.

Objective 5. Develop a working knowledge of how book and music publishers market their products. Identify suitable channels.

Objective 6. Develop full communication channels inside BBT and ISKCON and to the world.

Objective 7. Promote books and music.

The Marketing Manager will also:

This position reports directly to the BBT Special Project's Managers Gopal Bhatta dasa and Pranada dasi.


Candidates will:

The position is located in Alachua, Florida, USA.


BBT stipend model: $1,500/month. Candidate's qualifications will be considered.

To Apply

Respond with cover letter, resume, references and a one paragraph essay why you should be chosen for the position to: Pranada dasi at

We thank all applicants in advance for their interest; however, only those applicants who are being considered for an interview will be contacted.