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Teaching Position Available in Auckland

by Prana dasa

Posted December 6, 2007

One teaching position is available in a thriving Hare Krishna School in Auckland New Zealand.

The successful applicant will have the opportunity to work in a Krishna conscious school that is recognised by the government and fully funded. We are looking for a qualified, enthusiastic devotee teacher with experience in teaching through an integrated approach to learning. You will join a dynamic Krishna conscious educational institution. Teaching qualifications will be assessed by the national board of the New Zealand Teachers Council.

The position vacant is for a multilevel classroom with children between the ages of 10-13. This is a fulltime permanent position.

Recently, the Hare Krishna School in Auckland, New Zealand received a glowing report about its operation from the Ministry of Education's School Review board. The following are a few snippets; the whole report is available on line at search for Hare Krishna School.

The reviewers observed; "Teachers are reflective practitioners who eagerly participate in professional development and seek professional contact with other schools. They are a united team and model positive relationships with one another. All staff share a personal commitment to the values portrayed in the special character of the school.

Students and staff enjoy warm interpersonal relationships. Students show a strong sense of belonging where the culture of the school is consistent with the life of the temple and home. "

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