Chakra Announcements

Renovation Work Needed

by Daniel Kraus

Posted August 16, 2008

I am looking for workers who are capable to renovate an old timbered house close to Heidelberg, Germany. I prefer devotees but would also be glad if you could recommend a company or workers from an east euorpean country. I heard that especially in Poland there are many experts for timbered houses. Ideal would be a group of workers who know each other and who are specialized in different fields of renovation. The most difficult part of the different kinds of works that have to be done is the restauration of a ceiling: you have to lift some balks, fix steel joists and fix base the balks on the steel joists. Other works are easier such as bringing up a wall and laying laminate. have a look at the pictures in the attachment. Accomodation can be offered close by. Work should start as soon as possible. famous Visvakarma prabhu will possibly help (starting a little later). Thank you for your consideration and hare krishna,