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Service Opportunity, Almviks Gard Sweden

by Labangalatika dasi

Posted August 14, 2008

Almviks Gard, New Caitanya Candrodaya mandir, is beautifully situated in the peaceful countryside south of Stockholm, Sweden. Ours is a stable grhasta community originally established in 1980 as an ISKCON farming community. Since then we have developed into a village of grhastas, about 15 families, in the middle of which the temple where our Deities Sri Sri Pancha Tattva preside. The setting is simple and rural, a good place for simple living and high thinking.

At this time, we are able to offer the right devotee(s) the opportunity to serve as cook/pujari. Presently our temple crew is down to three devotees, whereas ideally there is service for five persons. We are very flexible as to what type of devotee we'll engage in The Lords' service. If you are a dedicated braminical pujari, a grhasta couple where you need some of the time for your own economical development, a preacher with a special project you are working on, a sankirtan party who'd like to rotate the temple service between you, Almviks Gard has the facilities and potential to be the home of all types of devotees.

Our Lords of the Pancha Tattva are very beautiful, medium large brass Deities who are famous for Their mercy upon Their devotees. Do come here and avail yourself to Their mercy! Tell your friends!

And, yes, we could really really use the help.

Loyalty to Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON and adherance to the initiation vows a must, good references guarantees a fast reply. Experience is a plus, but we can train you in all you need to know.

Your servant
Labangalatika dasi
Almviks Gard