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Bus Drivers Needed for North American Ratha-yatra Youth Tour

by Youth Ministry

Posted April 28, 2006

The North American Festival of India and Ratha-yatra tour in cooperation with ISKCON Youth Ministry is looking for bus drivers for the upcoming summer festival season. You should have a commercial driver's license with passenger endorsement, and experience driving buses or commerical trucks.

From June 8 through August 20, 2006, two buses will carry 50 youth and young adults to temples and Ratha-yatra festivals across the USA and Canada. The youth will help set up, perform kirtana and dramas on stage, and take down the Ratha-yatra festivals. They will visit temples and go on harinamas, as well as camp, hike, swim in beautiful nature spots along the way. We'll have daily morning and evening programs, seminars on Krishna consciousness, and association with swamis and sadhus.

See North America. The Ratha-yatras. The temples. The devotees. Come drive our bus. Come for the whole tour, or any portion in between. See Lord Jagannatha on His glorious parade in cities throughout North America.

Contact us via email: Website: Phone: (USA) 1-386-418-3839