Chakra Announcements

E-Commerce Venture

by Ravi Jethwa

Posted April 24, 2007

Due to lack of Vaisnava business related websites and meeting forums, I thought I would give a try at my humble attempt to help facilitate Vaisnava business ideas for the devotees and also hopefully earn some Laxmi alongside. My skillset is a web developer and I work for media company in Central London having graduated 3 years ago.

My plans to help the devotee community and also help to earn myself some Laxmi are primarily based on the e-commerce business idea. The specif details are yet to be organised but I am simply inviting devotee's who may live any where in the world who have access to a particular product or type of product that they wish to sell online to the global market.

What is the incentive and the catch....

Well to be honest, I am lacking in idea, the business connections and relationships with supplier in order to secure the commerce of goods over the web. However this is where the devotee community may help. For example somebody may have the desire to sell their products whether they be handicrafts or authentic traditional instruments made only a remote village in India. The catch is that we would have a 50/50 share over the revenue from the website but I will manage and maintain the website and the prospective devotee business partner would manage and maintain the stock distribution.

So whats the incentive? Currently the cost of buying an e-commerce site would run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds. However I am proposing a very minimal charge (maybe as little as 70 depending on the site) as I will be making use of open source technologies that I have acquired experience in over the last years. Also with the share in the revenue I am hoping the business will be just as successful as the devotee business partner.

Of course this is very early stages in the business idea but I think it has potential to work nicely. The business model is very attractive to a devotee lifestyle as it requires minimal input as there is no need to rent space or manage employees to sell goods so more time can be spent chanting.

If you are interested, please contact me on and we can speak further about any possibilities.

Thank you and I hope you do not feel offended with the manner of this email but I do hope it may be of use to devotees who wish to setup their own business but are lacking the resources to get their products available on a global scale.

Your servant,