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Desert Rain - a Novel of Reincarnation

by Vedic Theatre

Posted September 21, 2006

Wallace Dorian's first novella, Desert Rain, coming from Rain Publishing in October 2006, takes his heroine, Cynthia Ryan on an ill-fated journey into Indian country that is sure to please contemporary western readers. A kind of new-age "Dances with Wolves" for the new millenium, Mr. Dorian's characters jump out from the pages in their search for love and a place to call home.

Blending the myths and lore of the Native American experience through the Hopi people, *Desert Rain* has something to say about today's fast food, high-tech, anxiety ridden world while also conveying an apocalyptic vision of a society that stands on the brink of a world war.

Throughout all this, lurking in the shadows, are the ghosts from the past that haunts each of the main characters. The story opens 500 years ago when Coronado is in search of the *seven cities of gold* and quickly brings us to the present day and the plight of the modern Native peoples.

Using the interesting character of a young coming-of-age 18 year old half-Hopi woman named Mary, Mr. Dorian uses her as a very real metaphor for the future and in fact, the story ends in the year 2023 having spanned more than 500 years of history which is remarkable considering this is a novella and a very brisk read. A love story-adventure to be sure, Desert Rain is a tear-jerker with an optimistic ending.