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New Vishnujana Swami CD

by SecretJeevas Production Company

Posted September 21, 2005

SecretJeevas Production Company is happy to present the release of the album ‘Vishnujana Swami Vintage-Recordings.’ Now you can hear Vishnujana Swami speak on CD for the first time...

Listen as Vishnujana Swami gives the English-translation immediately after singing. This wonderful pastime is remembered by many devotees. Also, hear as Vishnujana Swami gives inspiring talks in parks and at a Ratha-Yatra parade. Vishnujana Swami sings bhajans such as Radhika-Stava, Damodarastakam, Guru-Vandana, and Radha-Krishna Prana Mor - songs unreleased on other albums. The CD was manufactured by a leading audio company in Chicago, IL, and the production is of high quality.

The CD is just $10.00 with free shipping, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The payment is made securely online using Paypal. Contribute to preserving the Glories of Vishnujana Swami. Proceeds will be used to help recover and restore further vintage Vishnujana Swami material. In time, a Vishnujana Swami Public Archive shall come about, and his blissful potency will forever be available to all...

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