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Still Calling All Devotees...

by Radha dasi

Posted September 16, 2003


Do you have an inspiring story to share? A realization to convey? Wisdom gained through life experience? Maybe even a supernatural experience to reveal?

My name is Radha dasi, and I'm currently working on a project to publish a book of devotees first-hand experiences. I posted this article last November and got little response, so I'm writing again to ask that everyone please submit something.

Even if you think yours is insignificant please share it, because no matter how seemingly small you may think it may be, it is still very important.

Therefore, please contact me either by visiting my website where there is a form to directly type in and submit your information at or directly at Please feel free to also pass on this message so that others may know of this as well.

Your input is greatly appreciated!

Radha dasi