Chakra Announcements

Web design service for non profit organizations

by Jitakrodha das

Posted September 14, 2003

As a disciple of Srila Prabhupada I have always had a strong desire to utilize my talents for technology to assist spreading Krishna Consciousness. Indeed as I have made attempts to be more commercial with mainstream America, Krishna always manages to turn my attention back to service.

In the present day of a community based varnashrama society it is not always possible to offer complete seva, one still has to maintain house and home as well as computer systems, servers and internet connections. Upon serious consideration I have thought to offer a web technologies service based on monthly pricing that includes domain names, hosting, custom design and regular updates for non profit organizations.

By taking the responsibility of the entire web technology from domain name and hosting to design and content I am able to offer a complete web presence for Vaishnava organizations, Nama Hatta groups and also for individual devotee projects.

I see my service as a symbiotic relationship; I am able to continue to work in the field of devotion while helping Vaishnava organizations maintain an active dynamic web presence.

For more details please visit or write to me at

Your servant,
Jitakrodha das