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Devotional Needs Supply From Holy Vrindavan

by Anil krishna das

Posted September 11, 2005

one sourcing point for your all devotional needs from Mathura/Vrindavan

hare krishna

we are the wholeseller and retailer from the holy land mathura / vrindavan, supplying all the devotional art effects. we can supply number of items including incense sticks and pure oils (attar) or anything from books to cds, so what ever u demand we can supply your order in no time . give us your specific requirement for wholesale stores or individual demand of anything ,means u name the product what ever u want we can send it from here, your one stop sourcing point for your devotional needs. so that u can proceed fast in your devotional path.........

Anil krishna das
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0091 989 7851988 (mobile)

for gp devotional supply
mathura/ vrindavan
hare krishna