Chakra Announcements

Preaching healing village

by Kaliya Mayell

Posted September 9, 2004

We are currently in Escrow on a 32 acre Artesian healing spring oasis in N. San Diego County. The property lies next to Lake Henshaw at 2800 ft. elevation and has 11 cottages, working restaurant,2 detached store fronts and California's 3rd largest Oak tree. We are looking for an investor and profit share partners/ visionaries to run various businesses around the bed and breakfast / retreat center. For example, massage and healing services, maintenance, restaurant and juice bar, gift shop and health food store are just the few proposed revenue generating models that will be implemented right after Escrow closes. We want to serve the world community at large through sound life nurturing practices advocated in the Vedas and offer these concepts by way of workshops, retreats, vacation rentals, music camping events and other loving and peaceful venues. Please contact the Project Manager below.

In service to Srila Prabhupada and his devotee family,
Kaliya, Renay, Anya, Gopika,
Richard, Rhonda and Don