Chakra Announcements

Professional Harmonium

by Savyasachi Das

Posted September 6, 2007

I have a new, high quality harmonium for sale.

This Harmonium can be used for High quality Studio Recordings, Professional Bhajans, Loud Sunday Programs... and practicing

It is made in Calcutta- Delhi company "DMS" by order (it takes not less than 3 month to wait)

This instrument was made not for sale in Indian market! It was made for one musician from other country, but he did not show up at the time, so I took it.

Made from special "musical" heavy wood (that the box is the best for resonance)

  1. Portable
  2. It has Bass Male and Female INGLISH reeds!!!
  3. Coupler
  4. Changeover
  5. The best sound, You can ever expect from a Harmonium.
  6. Very deep and loud also.
  7. Long time playing after a single air push.
  8. Weight is 18 KG

If You are interesting, Please, feel free to contact me on my Email, or call : +1 347 265 58 57 (mobile, USA)

Price will be negotiated

You can also see me and the instrument in New York. I will be here for a few weeks more, but call me first in advance.

Hope this letter meets You in good health
Your humble servant Savyasachi Das

(+1) 347-256-5857 (New York)