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Domain Names for Sale

by Krishna Kirtan das

Posted September 5, 2008

The domains HAREKRISHNA.NET and HAREKRSNA.NET are for sale. These domains have been used for a long time as part of a project called The Hare Krishna Network. The domain also comes with an existing social network of devotees with about 750 members, and growing. The Social Network itself is Ning based, so it's very easy to maintain. No programming necessary. You can broadcast messages to members, manage members, manage banners, and much more. (

The domains themselves are valuable, if you wish to continue the project, expand it, or create something else new entirely. Being a very old and known domain, is widely spread on Google. Almost any "hare krishna" on google search should return on the first page.

The alternate is also included in the sale. Both domains for USD $3,500

Serious inquiries only please!

You may contact me (Krishna Kirtan) at

Thank you and Hare Krishna!