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ITV releases new Prabhupad DVD library

by Nrsimhananda das

Posted October 30, 2003

A new set of 23 Prabhupada DVDs is now available. Authored from the original recordings at ITV studios, they will play on any DVD player or computer equipped with a DVD drive. They are in NTSC format but will also play on PAL DVD players. There is no region code, so they will play anywhere in the world.

The set includes five previously unreleased hours of classes, kirtans, and bonus programs, including many kirtans led by Srila Prabhupada. Footage edited out from previous VHS programming has been restored. DVD authoring makes all material conveniently accessible.

Included are a number of new shows from the early days such as Hare Krishna--A Georgio Film, which shows Srila Prabhupada preaching on Hippie Hill in San Francisco in 1967. In Vaisnavas, Prabhupada and his followers preach in various locations in New York City, including Tompkins Square Park.

An amazing play features Srila Prabhupada and disciples enacting Lord Caitanya's pastimes at the Brooklyn botanical gardens in 1966.

Srila Prabhupada at Dr. Misra's ashram has been discovered and released in the series, as well as new lectures that he gave in Australia. Your Ever-Well Wisher, Acharya Series 1-5, Prabhupada on Tour, Vaikuntha Man, The Final Lesson, Matchless Gifts, Happiness on 2nd Avenue, Swamiji, Paramahamsa, Gurudeva, all the previous Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-Bhagavatam classes, Images series 1966-77, and the newest release, Prabhupada in Bombay, are all included. There's a lot more in the series. We now have more than 40 hours of transcendental television of Srila Prabhupada.

Thanks to DVD technology, the footage is displayed in better quality than ever before possible. 30 percent of the material has Spanish subtitles and 50 percent has Malaysian subtitles, which can be accessed as an option on the DVD menu. The DVDs come in a special protective wallet and have full-color printed labels.

SPDVD Set $99 US -- Order on-line at