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Jalebi KC Ringtones

by MiraBai Devi Dasi

Posted October 16, 2006

Incredible but true. JALEBI Music Ringtones! That's right! Now you can get your favorite JALEBI Music songs as ringtones for your mobile cell phone!

Do not miss this opportunity to turn your mobile/cell phone into a Krsna conscious ally! From now on every time your phone rings, it will remind you of Sri Krsna and His pure devotees! Fantastic!

Get your JALEBI Music Ringtones now at

Ringtones available now:

  2. "MAHA MANTRA (Love is the Key)"
  3. "AGAIN WITH KRSNA" (Will the Circle Be Unbroken")
  4. "JAYA RADHE (The Girl's Got It All)

New ones added daily!

And while you are getting your ringtones at, please don't forget to click and listen to "Radha Govinda Kirtan"! We are still trying to get that number one position on the BETA Record World Beat Chart! Please help. There is no cost. All you have to do is click and listen! There is also one free download JALEBI Music's "Maha Mantra (Love is the Key)" is offered there as a free MP3 download. Thanks!

Hey! It's time to JALEBI!