Chakra Announcements

Temple commander needed in Malaga

by Hema Gauri dasi

Posted October 4, 2003

Dear Devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Shrila Prabhupada.

Are you looking for a new horizon to practise your preaching skills?
Are you looking for somewhere nice, warm and sunny throughout the year?

Then you are reading the right material.

Here at ISCKON temple of Malaga, the southern coast of Spain, we have an urgent need of a pujari/in to look after the daily worship of Sri Sri Gauri Nitai.

They are not very big just about 13 to 14 inch tall but presently we have no one to cook at the temple and do the daily morning and evening program.

All the congregation members live and work outside the temple. Our last temple commanders were a grihasta couple with their two children living above the temple building but now that place has been converted into three rooms for brahmachirinis and apart from that there are three rooms available for brahmacharis.

Please anyone of you out there in Europe with no visa problem for the EEC, and is looking for an opportunity to preach to some very friendly Spanish population as well as a very favourable Indian community of more than 500 families and is willing to look after the dieties, please get in touch with us at the above address to consider your application.

In case of grihasta couple, there is also a possiblity of accomodating them in a prefabricated wooden house within the temple premises.

Thank you.

Your servant,
Hema gauri dasi