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Looking To Hire a Nurse for Vrndavan

by Yadunandana Pada Dasa

Posted October 3, 2005

A paid position is open for a resident nurse with administrative abilities who is willing to train under the guidance of the Vaishnavas Care group for hospice service. The position will require being the caretaker and administrative lead of the Temporary Vrndavan Hospice with English speaking ability. Among the duties will be renting and maintaining a few rooms, inventory of supplies, scheduling help from volunteers, seeing that the facility is always clean and ready for any emergency, utilizing down time to help with the nursing needs of the general Krsna Balaram Vrndavan community area, helping to track expenses, requesting resources, hiring additional help when needed, purchasing, reporting, etc.

If you are a nurse who lives in the Vrndavan area or who has been looking for that opportunity for service and financial maintenance in the land of Vraja, please contact and send your résumé to

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