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Beautiful House Available in Vrindavan for Devotee

by Girraj Agrawal

Posted November 30, 2006

A very beautiful independent house is available for sale or rent just near to ISKCON. The house is located in the devotee colony named Madhuvan colony. It is the corner house. The house has 3 rooms, attached kitchen, attached bathroom, and storage space. It have the lobbies. In the lobby, the trees of ashokas are there. You can even park the car in the lobbies. Security is there . All doors are covered through iron grill, through net.You can get water from the ground all the time. There is inverter (battery) fitting inside so you can get electricity 24 hours. This is near Madhuvan ashram (pink building). Only 5 minute distance through ISKCON. Please contact Girraj Agrawal for more information. (+91)9837127701 , (+91) 9837061068