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New Devotional Musical Offering From Jayadeva Prabhu And Gaurangi Prabhu

by Nanda Sunu das

Posted November 30, 2006

I would like to draw your attention to the latest musical offering by father and daughter team Jayadev and Gaurangi prabhus. Many of you may already be familiar with their beautiful dulcet musical style - their new CD is out on New World Music label (Website:-

In the words of Jayadev prabhu himself:

"Just to let you know about a really nice development for our preaching programme. Gaurangi and I have managed to get our record label, New World Music, to release our very first up front CD of Krsna Consciousness.

Up to now we have had to keep it under wraps somewhat and even if the content was Krishna Conscious, the label and the blurb was never declared to be what it was as religious stuff never sells, so they believed. So my point of writing is to beg you to alert the devotees to this nice recording as if we can generate lots of sales, then I can go back to them again and again with more and more Krishna Conscious stuff with full confidence that they will get behind it.

New World are primarily mail order, in fact they are the biggest in the world, but they also supply HMV, VIRGIN, BORDERS they are quite influential."

We humbly ask devotees to buy this wonderful devotional offering and tell as many others as they can about it . In addition, if there's any publications where we can get a review or editorial of the CD by these two wonderful devotees, that would be wonderful.

There is a mention on the CD for the books and works of their Holinesses Srila Bhakti Tirtha Swami, Srila Sivarama Swami and Srila Gaur Govinda Swami, and a beautiful review on the albums reverse side by Professor Graham Schweig (also known as devotee-scholar Garuda das) extolling the virtues of the recording and very wonderfully establishing Sri Sri Radha and Krsna as the supremely worshipable and lovable Persons that They are.

We know for a fact that both of these artists are very sincere devotees who are genuinely and deeply pursuing Bhakti Devi. Let us show our support for them in doing all we can to make this devotional preaching project a great success. Please support the efforts of these two wonderful devotees who are forever trying to use all their Krsna given abilities to glorify the Lord and His devotees. Your support will inspire others , and open many more doors for so many to offer Krsna's blessings through music and in other ways, to a global audience (New World Music serves a global community). You can hear a sample of a track from 'Gods and Goddesses' on the following website. You can also order your copy from there. (exact link: Click Here)

CD title: 'Gods and Goddesses'
Artist name: John Richardson and Pia
CD No: CD787
Mail order phone number: +44 1986 891600

Your humble servants,
The Devotional Vibrations team,
in support of the album Gods and Goddesses.