Chakra Announcements

Wanted: Brahmacari Pujaris

by Vaishnava Resource

Posted November 30, 2003

Soon it will be: Temple Presidents Wanted

Vaisnava Resource(tm) is a new service offering free discreet connections between ISKCON temples and ISKCON devotees for Seva positions available in North America. In the future as we grow other countries will be represented. Currently several openings are available for pujaris in temples across the United States. There are no Visa sponsorships at this time. Please send your resume in text-only format (in the body of the email) to This is an email service only.

We saw the need to fill this gap since so many devotees are prepared to come back after being away at regular jobs and others just need to change their present status. We formed this very small email correspondence endeavor to help serve and facilitate the devotees and the temples. Our current web address for our under construction website is We are certain that this will help our society grow by bringing back old Prabhupada disciples, recruiting people from others maths who want to join ISKCON and facilitating those exciting devotees and temples with happy, productive working relationships.

Vaisnava Resource is not an official ISKCON affiliated effort. We are a husband and wife team with time on our hands that we wish to dedicate to this service. If you or someone you know would like to be matched with a service or temple that is in need of your services just send us your resume in text format only in the body of your email and we will archive it for future use. If you are a temple looking for resources we will send you those resumes that match your request.

Our goal is to create a data base of devotees and their qualifications so that they may better serve ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada. We understand that there is a lot of mismatch and that positions are always available for presidents, vice-presidents, temple commanders, managers, pujaris, cooks, gardeners, book distributors, accountants, preachers, festival leaders, bhakta leaders, harinam leaders, etc.

We understand the need for anonymity so we will, at your request, code resumes so as keeping the identity of the resumes discreet from public view until a temple is prepared to accept you and cross check your references. At that point we will put the devotee directly in contact with the temple and we will step aside having done our service to you both.

We are also looking for a volunteer to help us with our website. Soon we will have the website ability to post resumes and ads with a search capability. For now this is an email service only.

Please send all your resumes and seva postings to